About Us

Our mission

We believe your Stori is reflected in your interior. It is therefor our mission to provide timeless yet stylish home accessories for customers with a keen eye for trends and aesthetics.

Stori has undergone a remarkable evolution. From being an online design store, we have developed into a Danish design brand with a new mission: to create products that reflect your personality and tell a story in your home.

Our Stori

Perhaps you have seen us in the Danish version of Dragon’s Den, where we in 2022 secured an investment and introduced our most iconic product: The Ballerina Vase. This vase is the result of countless dance hours and long rehearsal evenings and is now ready to grace your home. The ballerina's skirt is made of mouth-blown glass, and no two are alike, just like real ballerinas. The vase's crystal base provides stability, while her elegance makes her the perfect artwork in any home.

In 2023, AndLight acquired us, serving as a reliable partner that enabled us to envision the future of our Stori. This collaboration has expanded our presence to include Royal Design, Rum21, and, naturally, AndLight.

Our promise

The Stori team consists of dedicated design and interior enthusiasts. We strive to introduce you to the latest trends and the most fantastic products. Our commitment to providing the best shopping experience is reflected in our competitive prices, fast delivery, and premium customer service.